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Thanks to a little heads-up over at Six Until Me (*waves to the adorable and quite pregnant Kerri*), I thought you fine folks might be interested in attending this webinar, hosted by WEGO Health:

Chronic Illness and Relationships, hosted by AADE’s 2008-2009 educator of the year, Janis Roszler!

It’s happening from 8pm to 9pm EST on Wednesday, February 24th.  That’s tomorrow.  Or most likely hours from now as you’re reading this.  Please support this great topic, and tell me all about what you learned from attending!

Also, remember, I’m still looking for your stories of dating woe and happiness, weird diabetic date moments, and candid accounts of sexy stuff.  I’m always looking for words from you guys, so send them already!  Remember, it always feels good to talk it out.


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