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Thanks to a little heads-up over at Six Until Me (*waves to the adorable and quite pregnant Kerri*), I thought you fine folks might be interested in attending this webinar, hosted by WEGO Health:

Chronic Illness and Relationships, hosted by AADE’s 2008-2009 educator of the year, Janis Roszler!

It’s happening from 8pm to 9pm EST on Wednesday, February 24th.  That’s tomorrow.  Or most likely hours from now as you’re reading this.  Please support this great topic, and tell me all about what you learned from attending!

Also, remember, I’m still looking for your stories of dating woe and happiness, weird diabetic date moments, and candid accounts of sexy stuff.  I’m always looking for words from you guys, so send them already!  Remember, it always feels good to talk it out.


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From a comment on a previous post, Rainbow shows us what you probably don’t want in a partner when you have diabetes, especially Type 1, when the biggest part of your day is spent balancing what you eat with your insulin.  Do you have a Food Police Officer in your love life?  Would you like to revoke their badge?  I know I would!


Mistress D.


Rainbow says:

My ex-girlfriend loved to play “food police.” Not only would she lecture me over every little thing I ate, but she would go online to all the forums she subscribed to and report everything I ate: “Rainbow ate an ENTIRE ice cream cone!” or “Rainbow ate a piece of CAKE!” and “Rainbow is such a bad diabetic! She’s gonna DIE!”

Then she decided that she herself had to lose weight, and since I was a diabetic (a very thin one, but still a diabetic) she decided that I had to lose weight too. Her idea to lose weight was “not eat anything after four o’clock in the afternoon.” And if I was spending the weekend at her place, that meant that I wasn’t supposed to eat anything after that time either. When I refused to follow that “diet” plan, she would exile me to a corner of the kitchen where she couldn’t see me, and I had to eat in hiding so that she wouldn’t be tempted.

Needless to say, that relationship did not last long.

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Happy D-Blog Day to everyone out there in the DiabetesOC, and welcome to Sweet & Sexy! What can you expect from us? Why would we even think a blog like this is a good idea? What’s the big deal, anyway? Let’s talk.

I’m going to start by telling you what we are NOT: Sweet & Sexy is not here to be an erotica writing platform for people with diabetes, but we could recommend a few sites you might want to submit your steamy stories to, if you’re into that sort of thing. We are not here to be a diabetes dating service, though online connections can be pretty powerful, and if you fall in love via diabetes blog comments, we certainly would love to hear about it.

There is not a lot of frank talk out there about sex with diabetes, but isn’t there always a question to be asked? What do you do with your pump? What happens if you go low? It’s the same with dating. What do you disclose about diabetes and when? What do you say to a new lover who says, “Hey, what’s that little plastic thingy stuck to the back of your arm?” What kind of changes has diabetes made in your relationships? Maybe we don’t always want to put our names on embarassing situations.

Sweet & Sexy will take your stories, tips, and questions, publishing them with your name OR anonymously. We can all learn from each other’s experiences.

Now the disclaimer portion: This is going to be a more adult-oriented diabetes blog! Be prepared for frank discussion on sexuality. It may not always be the best place for readers under 17, but I wouldn’t discourage them from reading this. Sweet & Sexy is intended to be a diverse, welcoming, sex-positive diabetes blog, showing stories from all kinds of relationships, straight and queer, monogamous and polyamorous, vanilla and kinky.

But it’s not just about the naughty stuff! Relationships with diabetes can be tricky, from learning how to help a partner understand your hypoglycemia symptoms to dealing with the emotional repercussions of having a “bad diabetes day” to negotiating the best health plan for your family together. Should you reveal your diabetes on your online dating profiles? Can someone truly love you, even though you are stricken with a chronic illness? We hope to touch on everything.

Some of us have grown up with diabetes, some of us grew up and then had diabetes introduced into our lives. Sweet & Sexy is going to look at how diabetes touches the most intimate parts of our lives (heh heh) and how it affects our loving and sexual relationships. We want to do it with warmth, snarky humor, and even some naughty bits.

If you have questions, comments, or if you want to submit a post to Sweet & Sexy, please email me, your Editrix, Mistress D at sweetandsexydiabetes@gmail.com

We are immensely excited to bring you the first blog dedicated to love, sex, dating and relationships for people with diabetes!

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Keep an eye here for Sweet & Sexy…

The blog that addresses all the diabetes, sex and relationships questions you were afraid to ask! (Okay, and maybe some you were just curious about.)

Mistress D.

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