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Hello, readers!  I found this link via Diabetes Mine, and the story is from A Sweet Life, which are both fantastic diabetes resources.  I recommend you read them both often!

“Tethered to the Body” by Jane Kokernak is what I find to be a rather frank look at one person’s perspective of sex with an insulin pump.  Quite honestly, it is not my approach to sex with an insulin pump, and I was most affected by how engaged I was by a viewpoint so much different from my own.  If you didn’t click the first link in this paragraph, make sure you click this one here to go read the full article.

Now a bit of commentary if you’ve already read the article…

This line nearly broke me in half:

“I will never become the sexual self that the youthful me once imagined: whole, extraordinary, and seductively bare. That is a loss.”

Perhaps I am a different breed of woman, a different kind of person with diabetes.  I’ve had an insulin pump for many years now.  In fact, I have never known sex without an insulin pump.  I do not feel a burden when I detach for intimacy.  I’ve never felt that it stifles my sexual interests or creativity any more than other momentary diversions–leg cramps, difficult bra clasps, opening of condom wrappers.  Maybe detaching my tubing has become some weird form of foreplay for me!

Sure, there are moments where NOT having a pump would make sex easier, but I am perfectly happy and not terribly bittersweet to have my little plastic pancreas there with me.  A healthier me is a sexier me, right?  That’s how I see it.  Everyone with diabetes is different.  We all have vastly differing thoughts and feelings, even in shared experiences.  Please take a moment to consider sharing some of your thoughts and experiences by submitting a story to Sweet & Sexy today.  Use the info up top to submit…it’s easy.


Mistress D.


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