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From a comment on a previous post, Rainbow shows us what you probably don’t want in a partner when you have diabetes, especially Type 1, when the biggest part of your day is spent balancing what you eat with your insulin.  Do you have a Food Police Officer in your love life?  Would you like to revoke their badge?  I know I would!


Mistress D.


Rainbow says:

My ex-girlfriend loved to play “food police.” Not only would she lecture me over every little thing I ate, but she would go online to all the forums she subscribed to and report everything I ate: “Rainbow ate an ENTIRE ice cream cone!” or “Rainbow ate a piece of CAKE!” and “Rainbow is such a bad diabetic! She’s gonna DIE!”

Then she decided that she herself had to lose weight, and since I was a diabetic (a very thin one, but still a diabetic) she decided that I had to lose weight too. Her idea to lose weight was “not eat anything after four o’clock in the afternoon.” And if I was spending the weekend at her place, that meant that I wasn’t supposed to eat anything after that time either. When I refused to follow that “diet” plan, she would exile me to a corner of the kitchen where she couldn’t see me, and I had to eat in hiding so that she wouldn’t be tempted.

Needless to say, that relationship did not last long.


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